Tuesday 11 April 2023

Bonnie White cross-stitch - a new set of charts now on sale

We are delighted to offer a new set of our independently-produced charts based on Bonnie White's evocative artwork. We have a wide range of cross-stitch designs based on Bonnie's art, see the page link to the right for more.

Each set is available in pdf format and can be immediately downloaded for just $9.99/£8.49. Click on the thumbnails for details of each set, more on our special discount and how to order.

Set 9: Roadside Gossip, Swan Pond, The Curious Calf

1. Swan Pond 14 x 10 inches (35 x 26cm)

2. The Curious Calf 14 x 10 inches (35 x 26cm)

3. Roadside Gossip 14 x 10 inches (35 x 26cm)